Applying Your Products the Right Way

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You've gotten all the product; you're ready to get your glow on. That's great! Before you pepper us like your asun, here are five tips things you need to know about applying your products. These tips will ensure that your products are well absorbed by your skin and the ingredients are given a better chance at doing their work.


Apply products to damp skin

Your skin is like a sponge; it absorbs products better when when it is damp. Of course, there are some products that should be used on dry skin like cleansing oils. They do their work on the skin's surface so you don't need them to be absorbed.


Layer from Thinnest to Thickest

You know those "one finger down" TikTok games...*one finger down if you've ever wondered what product goes where in your routine* My finger is down (side eye if yours isn't because you know you This is especially common in routines with a lot of steps. The general rule is work your way from the thinnest or most watery product (after cleansing)–your toner, essence or mist–to the thickest product creams or oils.

Your routine will look like: Cleanser>Toner>Serum>Moisturiser>Oils. You can your other products in their order of thickness.


Apply water-based products before oil-based products.

Water-based products (aka products that contain water usually as first on the ingredient list) should go before oil-based products (oils, butters or balms). Water-based products hydrate the skin while oil-based products seal the skin preventing water from evaporating. This keeps the skin hydrated for longer. 

Applying oil-based products first will seal the skin and prevent the skin from absorbing water-based products and their goodness effectively.


Allow your products to be absorbed into the skin before proceeding to the next step

Depending on ingredients and texture, products take a while to get absorbed into the skin. From a few seconds to a minute (or even slightly longer). Always wait till they are absorbed before applying the next product in your routine. This prevents what is known as product pilling, where products that haven't been absorbed "ball up" just like fabric pills/lint-balls and just sit on the skin. This is common with routines with thicker products.


Use the Right amount of products

This is another tip that prevents product piling. Using too much of a products will keep them on your skin surface for a longer time leading to pilling. On the other hand, using too little of a product will reduce its effectiveness. A good example is sunscreen. If you use too little, your skin wouldn't be well protected. 

When in doubt, check the directions on the label to clarify the amount of product to be use.


There we have it, 5 tips to help you get the best of your skincare products. Now, you are ready. 










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