Exercise and Skincare

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Regular exercise has many benefits to the skin. However, without proper care, exercise can be counterintuitive, leading to breakouts. In order to prevent this, it is important to maintain a proper skincare regimen during exercise… and that’s why we’re here!


  • Cleanse your face: Make sure you are starting your workout session with a cleansed face. Your pores open up naturally when you sweat so this will prevent sweat from mixing with dirt and makeup and ultimately, clogging up your pores.
  • Wear Sunscreen: This is important if you’re working out outdoors.
  • Don’t use a lot of hair product: As you get sweaty during your session, hair products will run down onto your face and into your pores. It’s best not to use hair product just before exercising. Headbands can be helpful in preventing this but make sure you place them behind your hairline because they can cause a buildup of oils and sweat in the pores if placed on the skin.

    During Workout

    • Don’t touch your face: Don’t wipe sweat off your face. This could transfer bacteria and dirt from your hands to your face. Have a towel nearby to pat your skin dry.

      After Workout

      • Get out of your workout clothes: I know, pretty obvious but workout clothes can trap oil, dirt and even dead skin so leaving them on for long periods of time only increases the chances of clogging up your skin.
      • Take a shower: Next step should be to get cleaned up. Wash the sweat and grime off your skin immediately.
      • Continue with your regular regimen.

        There you have it! Practical and easy ways to make sure you are getting the best out of all your workout sessions.

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