Green Beauty Initiative

The environment is our responsibility to manage and leave in good condition for future generations. Here at With Love, Keju, we are constantly putting measures in place to ensure we do our little part in caring for our planet.

As part of the WLK family (#KejuBeauty), we will like for you to join in. This is why we are introducing our “Green Beauty” initiative, which is aimed at reducing the number of single-use plastics generated from WLK. Plastics are one of the fastest growing sources of pollution. They take a long time to degrade and combined with improper disposal methods, they end up becoming a nuisance to the environment (including humans and wildlife).

 Under the “Green Beauty” initiative, you can trade in empty plastic containers for FREE products. You can do this in these easy steps:

  • Use up your favourite product* while making sure the plastic is kept in good condition (without dents and/or scratches).
  • Save up to 10 plastic containers.
  • Wash them to make sure they are clean and ready for pick up.
  • Receive pick-up confirmation.
  • Wait for your FREE product*, which will be on its way to you within 1-2 business days.

    *currently, the only products under this initiative are Whip’t Body Butter, Citrus Sugar Scrub and Black Soap Paste. This means you can only turn in these products and receive either of them as your free product. 

    Follow us on Instagram for more information on other products being introduced into the “Green Beauty” initiative and other ways you can reuse your WLK product containers.